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WereBooks Presents: Issue #4

Looking to be a featured author?

WereBooks is looking for authors who would like to be paid to contribute work under a Creative Commons License. Accepted submissions will be featured in an issue of WereBooks Presents, their work will be featured on the site with an author page containing links to their other work (regardless of license), they will be paid $100 + 10% of the initial print run, and be able to order copies of their issue at just cost + shipping.

If you wish to be a featured author, just drop us a line on Google+, or via email at submissions@spamwerebooks.spamorg

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Open Books
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The Public Domain Book Platform for the 21st Century

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Many projects are busy digitizing public domain works. WereBooks picks up where these projects stop. Volunteers proof, fix, edit— even provide covers. More stories added regularly.

We present the classics old and new.
Some you may know. Others might be new discoveries. All of them are free for you to read.

Free Forever.

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How eBooks Should Be

Some companies pillage the public domain. They take works from non-profit projects like Project Gutenberg, toss on covers, and profit. They lock books into vendor marketplaces and expect you to believe they are doing you a favor.

WereBooks believes that the public domain is an important cultural treasure. It belongs, equally, to all of us. These books are yours by law. So we make them easy to search, share, read, and access. Online. Offline. Print them out and mark them up. This is our shared culture.

We don't track you and we don't sell your information. We're a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping books accessible to everyone. We want you to re-discover the classics and perhaps find something new and exciting. Fan art, remixes, commentaries, translations. Everyone is welcome to participate in our shared culture.

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