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Many projects are at work digitizing public domain works.
WereBooks picks up where these projects leave off.
Volunteers proof, fix, edit, then provide new quality covers for the old works.

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Some companies pillage the Public Domain. They take works from non-profit projects like Project Gutenberg, toss on a new cover and profit. They lock books into vendor marketplaces and expect you to believe they are doing you a favor.

WereBooks believes that the Public Domain is an important cultural treasure. It belongs, equally, to all of us. These books are yours by law. So we make them easy to search, share, read, access. Online or Offline. Print them out and mark them up. This is our shared culture.

We don't track or spy on you, and we don't sell your information. We're a non-profit dedicated to keeping books accessible to everyone. We want you to re-discover the classics and perhaps find something new and exciting. Fan art, remixes, commentaries, translations. Everyone is welcome to partcipate in our shared culture.

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Try out some Public Domain Books we've already built.

The Whisperer in the Dark

Whisperer in Darkness

H. P. Lovecraft's riveting tale of Horror and Suspense at the headwaters of the Miskatonic.

The Tower of the Elephant

Tower of the Elephant

Robert E. Howard's Conan aims to steal a legendary gem in this genre-defining tale of Sword and Sorcery

Mysterious Affair at Styles

Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot delights in the first book written by this legendary Mystery author.

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